Is Online Tutoring the Right Solution for You?

12 Apr 2018 ,Tuition,Team Tutago

With the increasing number of users on the Internet, a lot of people think that taking online tutoring services are best for them. They think that there is a massive flexibility in online tutoring in terms of timings and cost. Students will get benefits from the teachers, from developed and developing countries so that they can get the quality education at affordable price.

There are some problems which people face while using online tutoring services.

1.    Language Problem

The accent of tutors can create a big hurdle for the students. The teacher speaking in English but his accent can create a big problem for the student as he/she may not be able to understand anything until there is a communication gap.

2.    Cost of course

There are a lot of issues which can increase your costing. Your network connectivity should be accessible otherwise you will not able to see internet services offered by your tutor.

And if you are not having a debit/credit card or any payment wallet with you, then payments can be a hassle for you.

Some problems are faced by people in online tutoring, but we can’t deny the fact that online tutoring is a need of Modern Era and we have to accept it.

3. Exploration

A traditional college teacher gives you brief instructions for essays and other types of assignments. You can’t find flexibility there, so it’s difficult to write about it when the given topic doesn’t inspire you. That’s why many students end up using services that simply complete those projects for them. No creativity there.

But your online tutor may recommend you to opt for a video project, blog post, presentation, photo album project, or anything else that comes to your mind.

4.  Creativity

An online tutor will take out your creative skills in front of you and make creativity a part of your learning process.

A tutor gives you individual attention for your project. But if the tutor is dealing with a massive number of students then he can’t give individual attention to everyone.

You will be in direct contact with your tutor, so they will check and identify your interests. If you’re facing problems with any part of a project you’re working on, they will guide you move forward.

Rather than giving you direct answers, they will motivate you to develop problem-solving techniques. That’s the most effective way to learn creativity – through an individual approach custom made according to the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

5.   Available for all

Online tutoring is the best place for people with learning disability:-

One-on-one online tutoring allows the tutor to give a session directly to the single student in attendance. If the student is a fast learner, the tutor can go through the content quickly.

If the student needs extra help with specific concepts, the tutor can spend more time on these. If a student has a learning disability that could make learning more challenging and problematic for a tutor, the tutor can use the online methods to give the best support the student.

6.  One can attain diverse knowledge

Schools and colleges provide a specific amount of knowledge to students for which they have enrolled themselves. Extra knowledge will not be given students because it is not included in their course.

With online tutoring, students can learn different subjects in which they are interested. Like a student who had enrolled himself in physics can solve college math problems if his online tutor is a college math tutor.

If you are passionate about learning different languages then you can learn Spanish, French, German and many more languages according to your choice.

7.  Clear Doubts Anywhere

You don’t have to go to your tuition center for any extra classes. With online tutoring, you can get direct communication with your online tutor anywhere you want. A tablet or Smartphone with 4G or laptop with a network card is all you need.

You can take your online class anywhere you want, whether you are in the park for a short walk and it’s time for online class then you don’t need to worry about anything, just sit back and start your class.


Online tutoring has some shining effects on the lives of the students opting for it but still, there are some issues that need to be taken by the tutor as well as the students. It is true that most of the school and college students looking for best guidance.

Online tutoring is an outcome of educational demands and technological innovations.  Same as one-to-one tutoring, online teachers have the ability to modify their approach to students and their studying methods.

Online tutoring gives students to log in for short and regular sessions. Students can hire qualified teachers according to their needs and price.

So we can say that online tutoring is the right solution for you and for the betterment of your child.

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