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12 Jul 2018 ,Teacher,Team Tutago

In the twentieth century, parents want their children to do well in school/colleges. But sometimes, the teaching that children and teens are getting in the classroom simply isn’t enough. This is when the search for quality tutoring usually begins.  

There is a large number of tutoring services available in our cities. There are tuition centers where parents can leave their kid off as well as many people offering their services via home tutoring and online advertisements.

At Tutago, we provide in-home tutoring by qualified and professional tutors; all of them are passionate about teaching. They by themselves want to help children succeed in the academic world.

Many people think those established tuition centers are best for their child success but somewhere we feel that those centers are just here to earn and not to provide quality education.


We believe that home tutoring is the best model for a student’s success:

•     In-home tutoring is more comfortable for the child and more convenient for the parent.

•     With Tutago, you are getting a qualified tutor with an extensive background check with our home-based personnel’s who are expert in the field of investigation.

•     Our tutors provide tailor-made services to your child which will prove as a competitive edge for him.

•     Your child is matched with the Tutor who best suited according to your locality and your teaching devices. In all, it is purely a personalized platform.

•    We will never lock you into a contract or bulk hours. If you are not happy with our services, you may discontinue them at any time.

•    At Tutago, we act as an intermediary between you and your tutor only until your meeting is fixed after that you have to make your payments accordingly. So, we are not taking any commission from both the parties.

Our working process:

At Tutago, if a new student begins one of our tutoring programs, we take a free private test to identify exactly what areas and subjects need help and we analyze what your child’s learning style is.

This assists us to match your child to the tutor who is best suited to them.

We provide assistance in all areas of education starting from early learning right through to high school. The subjects that we find are in the most demand, however, are English and math. This is true for both elementary and high school.

Our range of extracurricular activities attracts both tutors and students.


Tutoring in English:

English is a very common language but for some students find English to be a real challenge. In the changing scenario, English is proving itself as a necessity. Your child needs to be outspoken and confident when it comes to expressing.

We believe that the ability to express one’s self is vitally important to self-confidence.

Any child can improve their ability to read, write and spell with the right help.

Our tutors are well trained in how to communicate with children and teens. Our goal is to make the learning process and positive and effective one.

We have the wide range of tutors who are expert in English speaking courses also. Do check that out.


Tutoring in Maths:

Math can be a very tough subject for many students – even for those who excel in other subjects.

The tutors from Tutago understand that difficulty in math class is often the result of the subject being taught in a way that doesn’t match the learning style of the student.

That’s why after a full assessment of your child’s learning style; our professional tutors will give one on one math instruction in a way that is positive and effective for your child to learn.

It will no more be disasters it will be fun believe me.


Extra-curricular activities:

We have a bunch of teachers who are expert in dancing, singing, drawing, crafts, gaming, aerobics, and physical education basically things or subjects other than those boring academics.

Yes I know I am having a tutoring site but life is much more than these academics. Come to explore with us and let your experience of tutoring be ultimate.

Looking for a tutor nowadays doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we help to make it easy; matching the ideal tutor for your child’s learning style and unique needs. So if you are looking for a tutor then come to Tutago we will find the best tutor according to your requirements.

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