Steps to Choose an Online Tutor

21 Sep 2018 ,Teacher,Team Tutago

The most effective way to study is through personal guidance. Specialists who are ready to teach the subject individually known as tutors offer these services. The formula for a successful educational experience with a tutor, and the result oriented knowledge development, is to understand if the chosen tutor is able to fit your requirements and fulfill your knowledge needs.

Your tutor should possess a number of qualities: an ability to plan an optimal studying schedule, sufficient experience in the field of study, and the skill to tailor the lessons to the individual needs of each student.

This ultimately will make the tutor become an authority in the eyes of the student.

There are many people offering tutoring services but there are a limited number of educational professionals capable of providing high-quality tutoring services. Therefore, choosing a suitable tutor is not an easy task. Tutoring is offered by many people, from college students to university professors and few of them are able to provide an adequate level of knowledge and training.

Inexperienced tutors with lower skill set can easily be distinguished from others in the same category. As a rule, these people offer services of training for all ages. A higher level training is typically provided only when a tutor teaches in a narrow set of subjects.

The hourly price is also a very important point to evaluate a tutor’s services. The hourly rate of a tutor should be the same irrespective of whether one or a group of students are being taught.

And if the tutor offers a free trial lesson, you should be careful about him or her.  The offer tends to resemble a promotional sale.  Also, you better not trust a tutor who promises very quick results or A-grades in a very short period of time.

To find a tutor, get a recommendation from a relative or friend should not be an option because the Internet has become a great resource for tutoring and is more trustworthy than any human.

You can try to analyze the tutor based on the following set of requirements:

•Ideology - It is a great idea to define your target. What result you are expecting to obtain from a tutoring service; why do you need a tutor? If you want to study the subject deeply, you better look for university professors and instructors with a powerful academic background. If you need to bring up a child’s academic performance - or learn “the basics” - feel free to choose a student as a teacher.

•Experience - It is advisable that your teacher has previous tutoring experience. You will be able to identify that by looking at how confident he/she manages the class, does he/she inspire interest and desire to keep on studying? The selected tutor should not deliberately blame for mistakes, and he or she must bring original, memorable examples; this shows a good knowledge of the subject.

•Creativity - Try asking your tutor a basic question. In any case, a good tutor will patiently and clearly explain the answer. He or she would not make your search for the answer in books or the Internet. After all, a good tutor must have the ability to explain clearly and understand a challenging concept, he or she must have his or her disposal a number of different techniques, and these techniques must be used on a regular basis to enhance the learning experience.

Important- A person looking for knowledge with the help of a tutor needs to understand that, in any case, the responsibility for studying lies with the student, not the tutor. Thus, students need to prepare themselves in advance so that the tutor can use the time efficiently, thus maximizing the student’s value.  Ultimately, a student’s scholarly success rests on his will and hard work.

In summary, a tutor can be a valuable guide on a student’s way to ace the course. Selecting the best tutor for your needs is important. Choose a suitable tutor that has sufficient qualifications and excellent tutoring skills and one that “feels” right.

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