The Growth of Online Tutoring in Future

21 May 2018 ,Tuition,Team Tutago

Nowadays students across the world increasingly register in higher education courses and online tutoring has become the first choice for support traditional learning.

In the modern era, entrance exams are very important for taking admission into many top colleges and universities. There is stiff competition across the educational sector, so students and their parents are more willing than ever to invest money and time in tutoring in order to get a supreme quality of teaching.

The online tutoring market, including all educational, vocational and language schools, is now become a billion dollar industry. The online tutoring market in the world is expected to grow rapidly in near future.

Some of the factors that help explain the anticipated growth are:

•    Enhancements in Technology - The advancement of technology have proved to be a boom in the market by allowing various types of tutors to reach out to the larger number of students.   The increasing number of virtual classrooms helps students and tutors can talk, share multimedia messages, share files and draw diagrams all over the Internet.

•    Online tutoring suits all type of students -   Online tutoring is convenient for all type of students. Students who do not want to move out of their house for future education then online private tutoring is one of the best options available to them. Private online tutoring is for all those students who want to get specialization in their field or for students who need extra attention apart from their classroom teaching to cope up with their peers.

•    Need for a change -  As the world economy is getting closer and connected, the need to understand the economics, trade, business and languages of other countries has also driven the need and higher growth in online tutoring. The education costs have now doubled if we compared it to the year 2000. A change is required in education and online tutoring can bridge the gap.

•    Online tutoring helps students in the competitive examination -   The online tutoring provides extra help to students who are giving global entrance examinations for some of the other top University. Like students from China, India, Africa, and other countries delightedly appear for SAT and GRE exams for getting an opportunity to get enrolled in American and European Universities.

With online tutoring, students who are frustrated by the physical presence of a tutor will not hesitate to ask any questions. This is a modern era of students who are very used to the virtual presence of people and are at ease with applications like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Now students are fed up with the traditional system of classroom teaching, they want a more customize tutoring environment for securing good marks.  Students now want to move up from outdated technology and learning processes; they are willing to fill the gap of inabilities of the classroom teacher by taking private online tutors. Also, the lack of staff for classroom teaching has called for the need of a private tutor.

Today's academic system needs adoption of new and better technologies and resources which an online private tutor can easily deliver.

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