What Makes a Teacher Best in Online Tutoring?

06 Apr 2018 ,Education,Team Tutago

There are so many people in this education industry who must have dreamed of becoming an online tutor. But they can’t be sure of any success rate.

It is wrong to say that online tutoring is only about having a teacher giving lectures to the students over the Internet. Nowadays online tutoring has changed because of different students and their different learning needs.

Students are looking for tutors that can deliver customized learning experiences to suit their personal learning objectives as well as learning styles and abilities.

 A teacher’s way of helping their students and guiding them to achieve both socially and academically contributes to how effective teachers are.

Effective teachers should set big targets that are meaningful for their students and quantifiable throughout the year.

You can check these qualities in yourself and identify your potential to become an online tutor.


There is a need for online tutors who can personalize their tutoring and adapt to student’s strengths and weaknesses as learners, as well as giving instructions to amalgamate students’ medium of interest.

A great online tutor has to be different from a tutor for whom online tutoring is especially about using technology as a mode to give instructions. With the boom of changing technology as well as learning analytics tools, there is a big difference between an online tutor and a great online tutor depending upon how they connect the education technology as well as learning analytics.

Know your learners and their needs

•    Who are my learners? Not only in terms of their analytical information but in terms of their learning objectives, their learning styles and content preference and how they learn best. This learning analytics will help the online tutors to engage and retain learners in an online environment.

•    What kind of learning activity will be most beneficial for my learners? Technology by itself cannot assure effective learning.

•    Technology is a method for teachers in an online education that can be leveraged to construct a learning activity to ensure effective learning takes place. Based on whether the learners are experiential learners, visual learners or whether they are more team-oriented or learn better in a 1:1 setting, an optimal learning environment should be produced to complement individual differences among learners. No one-size-fits-all approach will be effective with online tutoring.

Use Innovative Ways to give your best shot

Are there more innovative ways to use technology to make learning better?  A great online tutor must always need to introduce the latest trends in e-learning and education technology in a manner that can make the learning process more active, social, and learner-centered.

Social Presence

When students in an online batch help build a learning environment by showing their personal qualities into the discussion- they present themselves as real people. These three forms of social presence work well for every tutor:-

1.    Emotive: - The sign of emotion, feelings, and mood.

2.    Conjunct: - Proof of reading, attending, understanding, thinking about others‘answers

3.    Connected: - Answers that build and maintain a sense of belongingness, ‘group togetherness, or common goals and objectives

Learning environment

1.    Promote gender equality by motivating females to post messages while asking males to drop if a pattern of male domination is noticed.

2.    Assure an equitable learning environment exists for all. Allow time for consideration at end of the syllabus.

3.     Take? a warm-up period with light-hearted exercises aimed to help the student get to know one another. Start online course with all students together at the same time.

Friendly Environment

The best tutors don’t just find a trick and stick to it sightlessly but they are regularly finding new ways to make the learning experience fun and fresh. Encourage students to make short films or write blogs about the topics they are studying. Even the most sincere learners need a change if they are to stay motivated and look forward to your tutoring sessions.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

A good tutor should not give up on students. Some students are used to people giving up on them. This has been a normal phenomenon in their lives and they have become quite habitual of it. Some students will test you. Do not give up on them. Execute a point where you and the student will jointly see what works and what does not work. You can take few months for rechecking of work because the skills that students gain in this period of time are truly appreciable. Students generally enjoy seeing this momentum, and you can use this to raise tutoring sessions to the next level of difficulty.

Content Expertise

A great successful tutor can make learning real, relevant and attentive. Such tutors are experts in their academic content -- they know all the concepts of their subjects, ideas, and problems inside out.  Please make sure students show interest in your teaching content which makes you feel most connected to. This trick will change you into a result-oriented tutor.

If you have all these traits in you, then you can choose online tutoring as your next career.

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