Why is Personal Tutoring Essential for Student Success ?

25 Apr 2018 ,Teacher,Team Tutago

We feel that the Personal tutoring makes an important contribution towards enhancing the student’s academic and personal growth.

Every personal tutoring system must ensure that the foundations should be laid down very early to develop that relationship between the student and the personal tutor, so if there are any problems that occur in the student's studies at the University or school than they have someone whom they can easily trust.

The success of students not only depends on their skills and knowledge but also depends on their tutors, who educate them to become a successful person.

You must be wondering why personal tutoring is so important in one’s life:-

 • It has been argued that personal tutoring has an important role to play in enhancing students learning experiences and that at its best.

 • It has the potential to enable students to make connections between the different elements of the learning experience.

• A number of factors contribute to the continuing significance of personal tutoring, including widening participation and the drive to enhance the student experience.

• Personal Tutors can play a key role in helping students to form strong disciplinary identities – and this can have a positive impact on access to the further study, to co-curricular opportunities and to more successful graduate outcomes.

 • Personal tutoring enables a student to have access to their personal tutors for non-timetabled meetings if required.

• A personal tutor will usually be a lecturer who teaches the student so basically, they have a command over the subject.

• They give teaching staff opportunities to find out what problems a student may be encountering with the subjects they are learning.

• They guide students make sense of the concepts they are learning.

• They allow students to ask questions which they may not be able to ask in large-group sessions.

• They provide students with opportunities to learn by doing, practicing applying things that have been covered in lectures, handouts and learning packages.

Personal tutors will monitor and supervise your overall academic progress by:

• liaising with the admin team to arrange regular one-to-one meetings with you to discuss your academic progress and ensure you receive adequate academic guidance.

• being aware of circumstances which may inhibit your academic progress.

• providing guidance on matters such as electives, changing routes.

• Your personal tutor will monitor your academic development and offer general study skills advice or, where necessary, referring you to the appropriate service.

Personal tutor act as a role model for students:

• An additional clinical role played by the personal tutor on professional programmes is to serve as a role model for students by helping them to prepare for work experience.

• Students can, therefore, begin working towards creating their own professional identity throughout their course.

Communication of benefits, roles, and responsibilities:

• A personal tutor knows the most appropriate person to help the student deal with a particular issue and decide how, where and when best to make contact with such a person.

• The Personal tutor makes reports about the student to other people, such as a prospective employer.

• Monitor the progress of the student through the course.

• Send feedback information derived from the student to other staff on issues that affect students on the course.

• A personal tutor provides motivational support and reassurance, help students with personal problems, discuss the relevance of applications for mitigation, redirect to counseling department, finance support, learning support when necessary.

 • Personal tutoring gives the opportunity to teach students to do the same – socializing students to the idea of regular communication and giving the opportunity for them to find the words to talk about how they are connecting with a discipline, with their programme.


The success of personal tutorial support in higher education is, at best, patchy. Some tutors take it very seriously, get to know their students well, and remain well briefed on the progress of each student. For many students in higher education institutions, however, their personal tutor is just a name.

So we can say that Personal tutoring plays a vital role in enhancing student success.

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