A programming language is a formal language, which contains a set of commands used to supply numerous types of output. Programming languages are used in pc programming to create applications that put into effect specific algorithms.

Most programming languages include instructions for computer systems, although there are programmable machines that use a constrained set of specific commands, in place of the overall programming languages of modern computer systems. Early ones preceded the discovery of the virtual pc, the primary likely being the automatic flute participant defined within the ninth century through the brothers Musa in Baghdad, for the duration of the Islamic Golden Age. From the early 1800s, packages have been used to direct the conduct of machines including Jacquard looms, tune bins and participant pianos. However, their programs (which include a player piano's scrolls) couldn't produce exceptional behavior in response to some enter or circumstance.

Lots of different programming languages had been created, in particular within the laptop area, and much greater nevertheless are being created every yr. Many programming languages require computation to be laid out in an imperative shape (i.e., as a chain of operations to carry out) at the same time as different languages use other kinds of software specification consisting of the declarative form

The outline of a programming language is normally cut up into the two additives of syntax (form) and semantics (which means). a few languages are described with the aid of a specification document (for instance, the c program language period is designated with the aid of an ISO popular) whilst different languages (such as Perl) have a dominant implementation this is treated as a reference. some languages have both, with the fundamental language defined by way of a widespread and extensions are taken from the dominant implementation is not unusual.


An Overview of Programming Languages







Objective-C / Swift (for iOS development)