Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service By purchasing services of Tutago, I agree to the terms of this Agreement :

Once you sign up for the services at Tutago, you agree to accept the following term & conditions.

Signing up for the services

Valid Aadhar card is required for signing up the services for both the tutor and the student. The tutors would have to sit through the multiple choice question test provided before hiring them as a tutor at Tutago.

Accepted proof

Tutors signing up for the services are required to produce a valid ID proof along with a proof of address. Proof of academic degree earned must be submitted. Valid college ID card is required if the tutor is a student.

Payment for sessions

Payment for the sessions will be done only if the Tutor was present for the scheduled timings. The payment will be done directly to the tutor once the session gets completed.

Tutor and student interaction

Harassment towards the tutor by the student or vice versa will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken. The tutor cannot ask the number of the student and if the student likes the method of teaching of the tutor, they would have to choose the person with the help of their tutor code provided by Tutago.

General agreement

Tutago reserves the right to terminate the membership of a tutor or a student under valid reasons. Termination will be done by providing written and verbal notice to the person. No services apart from the ones mentioned in the app or the website will be provided for the students.

Tutago and the tutors working under them cannot be held responsible for the grade achieved by the students in the school and the tests and provides no guarantee for the improvement for personal academic record of the student. 

Tutago may Contact you via Email,Whats App, Phone & Text Message,to deliever certain services or information you have requested .