How can I become a certified tutor with Tutago?

To join us on the journey of Tutago, all you need to do is sign up with us using our app or website and mention your academic qualifications along with your subject of interest. You will have to then undertake a test that enables us to further evaluate and speed up your process of getting on-board. 

Do tutors have to pay a registration fee to be listed as a Tutor on Tutago?

No, there is no payment to be paid by the tutor for getting listed as a tutor. The services rendered to tutors are completely free. 

Can a tutor choose the area where he or she would like to teach?

Yes, you can choose the area as per your reference. All you have to do is just select the radius of the area where you want to teach and Tutago will help you find students in that particular area.

How do Tutago's tutors get paid?

Payment for the tutors is taken directly by them from the students after the session is completed.

How will the tutors be differentiated at Tutago?

All tutors at Tutago will be differentiated by their experience, subject matter expertise, ratings and feedback from the students.

How important are ratings for tutors?

Students will be rating every tutor at the end of the session on their mobile app or website. This helps us in the backend to rank the tutors at Tutago. Not only this, these ratings determine your likability amongst students too. So, the better ratings you get, the more likely you are to get subsequent sessions with students.

How often will the tutors be rated?

Tutors will be rated after every session by the student and vice versa. This will help in collecting live and real-time feedback from both the involved parties.

What happens if for any reason a tutor is not able to attend a scheduled class?

In such a situation, the tutor is expected to detail the reason for the absence of that particular session. Team Tutago will help reschedule your session. If you need to cancel any later, the tutor will be allowed to cancel three sessions consecutively and after the cancellation of three sessions.

How can a tutor change their availability schedule?

As a tutor, you can mark your availability on the app and if you wish to cancel or reschedule the sessions, you need to mention it on the app along with the reason for your unavailability.